Is Jamie Oliver OK?

Jamie Oliver is beginning to worry me. I saw him on the telly last night. I haven’t really been following his career but last night I couldn’t help noticing how rather eccentric he’s become. I understand that he likes to challenge traditional, fuddy-duddy approaches to cooking programmes. That was always his ticket. But at least, in the  past, there was something wholesome about him. And I think all TV cooks should have at least a bit of wholesomeness about them.

But last night’s Jamie is a new beast in the making. There was something vaguely disturbing about the way he mixed the salad  with his hands, for example, together with that slightly crazed look he gets in his eyes as he does so. He was outdoors, at some music festival, and he appeared to use this fact to support his oddball behaviour.

I was reminded of Marlon Brando’s rather campy performances in Apocalypse Now and The Island of Dr Moreau. I hope that Jamie is OK and that we’re not facing some kind of Oliver meltdown in the near future.



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