Kia Sportage ad in abysmal taste

I’m deeply disturbed by the new Kia Sportage ad running on TV. I don’t like it one little bit. I’m upset by the implied bullying that takes place in the scenario presented. Not to mention the waste of local government resources in the helicopter and car chase.

How typically South African the advertisement is. How utterly lacking in taste. Is it really OK, ladies and gentlemen, for the local police of some picturesque town to chase and hunt down an innocent motorist just to check to see if he is, in fact, driving the new Kia Sportage? Have we reached a stage in our popular culture where we find this kind of behaviour by uniformed louts amusing?

In a country where political bullying and cronyism are growing evils, can we really afford to give our quiet assent to a scene in which local law-enforcement officials can treat ordinary citizens with contempt and disrespect? It beggars belief that this ad could have been signed off and aired. Clearly no one is in charge at Kia. And to add insult to injury, our television channels (M-Net and DSTV to name only two) have no problem with airing this subtle approval of bullying.





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