Two Fat Ladies

Who remembers the Two Fat Ladies who were on South African television in the nineties? They were so refreshing. It was Jennifer Paterson – the well-known cookery columnist – and Clarissa Dickson-Wright – the barrister.

During the nineties the healthy eating fad really started to take off, so it was such fun to have these two opinionated characters using copious quantities of butter, fresh cream and full fat milk. And they were absolutely brazen about it. In addition to their fondness for artery-clogging ingredients, they were quite old-fashioned and offish about modern inventions like ready-made mustard and stock cubes. Paterson regularly said that she would “have no nonsense” with a stock cube.

Imagine the horror they must have caused in certain faddish health-conscious circles? How nice it is to have free thinkers who don’t give a rat’s arse about what other people think.



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