Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories

I think Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories messed me up for life. I should never have read them. Sometimes it feels like they taught me so much rubbish that I’d like to sue the person who wrote them. What’s the guy’s name? Arthur S. Maxwell or something.

For example, take the story of the spoilt little girl who wanted a jewellery box for her birthday. Instead, her cruel parents gave her a Bible. And when she opened her present and realized it wasn’t a jewellery box, she threw the gift against the wall in a rage, thinking it was a book. Imagine her horror when she realized that she’d thrown a Bible against the wall.

Granted. She was rather spoilt. Throwing an unwanted gift against the wall is never going to be OK, is it? But even so, I think that having her throw the Bible was a rather gratuitous touch by the author. Did he want to freak the little girl out completely?

The Bedtime Stories are probably a great way to teach Christian values to children but it’s important not to allow the stories to become cheap and manipulative. I’ve looked for them online because I want to put some personal issues to bed, and I think the Stories may be a great way to do this. But now I’m finding that Arthur S. wrote dozens and volumes of them. So it’s going to be hard for me to track down the one about the little girl and the Bible. And I know there are a couple of others that I will recognize once I read them again.


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