English language gets a new word

There’s a new word in the English language. Did you know? The word is “aswell”. Have you heard it yet? You should have. It’s only been doing the rounds for over 20 years now. But the reason I say it’s new is because it wasn’t there when I was growing up. In those days we had to use two words: “as” and “well”. And for me, if (like bungee-jumping) the thing wasn’t there when I was a boy, then it’s new.

So, to tell you more about the new word, you stress the first part of it – the “as” part. The second part of the word doesn’t get any stress. So it’s like “Joburg” or “Heathrow”, with the stress always on the first syllable.

I must confess that I’m alarmed by the arrival of the new word. I worry about it because everyone seems to know it except me. They use it all the time. Where was I when the new word was launched?

I’m particularly baffled because I cannot find it in the dictionary either.

Is there something that people aren’t telling me?


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