Stupid radio ad

There’s a cheesy ad on Jacaranda FM right now. It’s about some car dealership in Pretoria. There’s this guy talking about how life in Pretoria is better than life in Joburg because it’s more relaxed. He says something like “those guys in Joburg don’t know what they’re missing,” and then goes on to extol the virtues of the capital city on the other side of the Jukskei River.

Can anyone be that stupid not to see through it? Car dealerships are out to screw you, no matter where you live. You could be in some Mpumalanga paradise or a pretty town in the Western Cape and it would be the same. Do people really still fall for that countryside vs cityscape crap? That the country is all wholesome and good and amazing and that the city is nasty and despicable and dirty?

I wonder if the same ad is doing the rounds on Highveld Stereo. Somehow I don’t think it is. Maybe Joburg audiences are too sophisticated for that twaddle. I lived in Pretoria for many years and there’s nothing wholesome or idyllic about it. It’s full of fat, ugly people.


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