Rinsing raspberries

Should you rinse raspberries before you use them? No one on TV does it. Does that mean that you don’t have to? No one knows.


Can you feel the love?

Can you feel the love? Fading? The love for facebook? That once special online diversion that gave you a few minutes’ break from the daily grind. The thing that’s now become like a needy friend that demands all your love and attention.

The plaintiff, irritating tone of: “We’re sorry. We know we don’t always get it right” when you say that you DON’T want to celebrate your 2-year friendship with someone. Sounding all wan and crestfallen. Really irritating and needy.


I got a new phone recently. And like a child with a new toy, I was excited. So when Google Maps told me that my photo of the interior of my local Barnes and Noble “helped 50 customers”, I guess I should have felt a sense of achievement. But I didn’t. I thought about how stupid the whole thing was.

I was reminded of the early days of the internet. When it was full of promise about people sharing information freely and helping each other. When no one knew that virtual real estate would become the norm. And that advertising noise and clutter would become the new litter.

Apps that suck

Some apps really suck. I mean, they really aren’t that good. Like the Outlook app and the Meetup app. Those ones are really bad! I always find myself closing them and using the internet browser instead. The Meetup app is particularly bad. You can’t find a single thing on it! And the calendar view seems to be non-existent.

It seems everyone is on the app bandwagon these days!


Every night at 7,

Mondays through Thursdays,

To purge and correct my body

I go to Church


A neon-lit venue

Filled with half-clothed

Gyrating limbs.

Pumping iron

Jumping rope

Pounding treadmill

A rainbow of Adidas, Nike, First Ascent


Worshipful gazes

Furtive glances

As eyes feast on the belusted sight of

Lean, toned flesh

Or built, powerful torso.


Everyone obeying the lights and the beeps

For their 30 seconds of allocated machine time.

No one daring to upset

The eternal rules of the super circuit.